September 2022

Has it really been two years already? It has truly been one of the biggest blessings to be able to share all of the awe-inspiring stories that happen within the Northshore community. We have connected with so many business leaders who are showing how being industry disruptors can bring innovative changes. The charities that allow us to share their messages with our readers impel us to learn more on how we can help. Though both of these are top on our list, the events that enable us to showcase the people of the Northshore is an enormous honor.

In this issue, make sure you flip over to the Bowers’ residence with its remarkable architectural details. Also, with school back in full swing jump over to Supermom, Jennifer Bodin as she shares how she inspires her children to chase their dreams. The Financial Leaders that are profiled reveal how they have been successful in their individual careers.

Thank you as always for allowing Social Northshore to be the resource for all things SOCIAL. Your readership is what helps us showcase the Northshore for the community that it truly is. See you next month for one of our most exciting issue of the year, All About Women issue!